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Artist - Photographer - Creative

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I’m grateful for your interest in my artwork. There is lots to look at here, so please explore and I hope you enjoy what you see. It is also my hope that we can collaborate and make amazing creations together.

About Ron Bird

Ron Bird is an artist, craftsman, and creative person based in Mesquite, NV. His passion has driven Ron to a full-time career in the arts. Click below to learn more about Ron’s journey from painting with Bob Ross, to serving in the United States Marine Corps, to becoming a full-time artist and photographer.


“Don’t worry about being different, just be good, because being good is different enough.”

– Jeffrey Watts

Skillset and Services

Fine Art
Inspired by creation, Ron captures the beauty all around us in his art. From landscapes to wildlife, portraits to pets, Ron creates amazing works of art using everything from charcoal to colored pencils to oil paint. Ron is accepting commissions on a limited basis. Click below to see more examples and for more information.
Old Elf Sculpture
Ron’s creative talents translate into incredible sculptures. His knowledge of anatomy, design, and composition help him to create imaginative yet believable 3 dimensional creations. From busts to fantasy, superheroes to horror, Ron can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you will love forever. Click below for more information.
Graphic Design Example
Graphic Design
Need a business identity? How about a logo, business card, or flier? From classy and elegant to cute and whimsical, Ron can help you create the professional image you desire for your business or organization. Click below to learn more about how Ron can help you improve your brand.
Comic Book Illustration
From comic book art to children’s book illustrations, Ron’s unique style brings stories to life – creating worlds that are fantastical, magical, and meaningful. Ron is available for commissions for single image illustrations as well as book illustrations and sequential art. Click below for more information.
Chuck Norris Caricature
Step into the humor hued world of Ron’s caricature art, where the unique individuality of personalities is highlighted. Digital or hand drawn, Ron’s caricatures are second to none. Ron is available for commissions as well as for events. Click below for more information.
Animation Frame
A skilled animator, Ron creates animated tales that are whimsical, fantastical, humerous, and limited only by your imagination. Whether you need a short animation for a commercial or have a more ambitious project in mind, Ron can make your vision a reality. Click below for more information.
3D Printed Princess Mononoke Mask
3D Modeling and Printing
Ron’s skills in 3D modeling allow him to create unparalleled creations with his 3D printer. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are why Ron’s 3D printings are in such high demand. Whether you are looking for a prop that will wow, a prototype to take your business to the next level, or just a fun creation to display, Ron will deliver just what you are looking for. Click below to learn more.
Photography Headshot
A keen documentor of people and places, Ron’s photography captures the energy, emotion, beauty, and magic of individuals, the world around us, and lifestyles. From conceptual pieces to commercial work, events to travel and food photography, Ron gently reveals the truth, the magic, and the story in his photos. Click below to learn more.
Photo Restoration Example
Photo Retouching - Manipulation - Restoration
Ron has been mastering Photoshop for years. His expert skills allow him to manipulate photos in a way that is incredibly powerful yet very believable. Whether you need a touch-up on a headshot, a fantastical creation, or a family heirloom that needs to be restored, Ron can make your photos into works of art. Click below to find out how.
Pencils Sharpened
Hours in Photoshop
Cups of Coffee