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An artist, photographer, and dreamer dedicated to bringing ideas to life and helping you build your creative vision.

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“Don’t worry about being different, just be good, because being good is different enough.” Jeffrey Watts

The Art

Inspired Imaginings.

Intuitive and imaginative, the Art of Ron Bird lifts the veil between what is imagined and what is possible. From masterful oil paintings to dynamic fine art photography, fantastical illustrations to digital animation, the art of Ron Bird awakens the senses and enlivens the spirit .


Fine Art

From energetic landscapes to dynamic sculptures, Ron is a masterful artisan whose fine art comes alive in oil, acrylic, pencil, and clay. His work has been featured in numerous galleries throughout the US and collected by art lovers worldwide.



A masterful storyteller, Ron creates illustrations for graphic novels and comic books, children’s books, and commissioned work. His illustrations are energetic, dynamic, and fantastical.



A keen documentor of people and places, Ron’s photography captures the energy, emotion, beauty, and magic of individuals, the world around us, and lifestyles. From conceptual pieces to commercial work, events to travel and food photography, Ron gently reveals the truth, the magic, and the story in his photos.


Explore my world

Welcome! I’m excited that you have chosen to visit with me today. Take a moment to look through my offerings and see where your imagination takes you. Enjoy!

Landscape Photography

From travel photography to events, Ron captures the unique spirit and beauty, character and energy of locations around the world.


Ron is a master at capturing the unique magic of people and personalities. From headshots to commercial work, fashion to conceptual fine art, Ron weaves a story, your story, into every frame.


Your message, vision, business, product – You have a story to share, a brand to reveal. Ron brings concepts to life.


A skilled animator, Ron creates animated tales that are whimsical, fantastical, humerous, and limited only by your imagination.


Step into the humor hued world of Ron’s caricature art, where the unique individuality of personalities is highlighted. Digital or hand drawn, Ron’s caricatures are second to none.


From comic book art to children’s book illustrations, Ron’s unique style brings stories to life – creating worlds that are fantastical, magical, and meaningful.


Ron’s sculpture artistry brings his fine art into glorious 3D. From fine art sculpture to housewares, each piece is a masterful work of art.

Photo Restoration / Retouching

Whether bringing old or damaged photos back to their original lustre or fine tuning and improving portraits, Ron is a gifted and careful restoration and retouching artist.


An animal lover, Ron’s pet portraits capture the personality and pathos of our furry (or feathered or scaled) friends.

Photo Manipulation / Digital Art

As a digital artist, Ron is skilled at creating fantastical worlds – where the Everyday unfolds into whimsical tales of unlimited possibilities.


Are you seeking a one of a kind painting or illustration to breathe life into your home, your studio, your workplace, or gallery? Ron will work with you to create an original masterpiece just for you.

Let's Create Together

Are you curious what may be in store for you?

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”Aaron Siskand

What Makes You Come Alive?

Work with me

Together we are a collaboration – of magic unfolding, of art, of beauty, of emotion. Together we will pluck dreamy concepts from the ether and bring them to life.

Rolls of Film

Paint Brushes

Graphite Pencils

Connect with me

Ron Bird is based in Nevada, and travels worldwide depending on availability.

He works from his home studio in Mesquite, Nevada.

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